Friday, April 19, 2013

Itkin, Clark Redux

Due to a flurry of interest by some club board members in the recent Ivan and Joyce Itkin and Jeanne Clark posts, I thought I'd provide a few more visuals from the archives. The black and white photo below shows Itkin speaking at a 1970 rally for Milton Shapp for governor. (Itkin used the photo, and specified its historical context, in the club's 20th anniversary fundraiser program.) Also, to update the earlier post, Itkin also quit the club, along with three former club presidents, when his wife Joyce failed to get the club's endorsement in her run for clerk of courts.

Is that a young Cyril Wecht seated at speaker Ivan Itkin's far left?
If you can identify any pictured  politicos, please let me know.
Club board member Sally Morton reported that her daughter, Susan, was a friend of Jeanne Clark's stepson and attended an event at which Jeanne was photographed with singer Judy Collins. Sally said that her daughter remembers that Barbara Solin, a Squirrel Hill resident, was also there.

That's current club president Kathie Smith in the lower left corner, Jeanne Clark is seated to Judy Collins' right, and former club president Celeste Behrend is directly behind Clark. Again, any assistance with identifying folks in the photo will be much appreciated. [Click on photo for larger image.]
A brief news item at this link indicates that the Clark/Collins "swankenda"(!)--a fundraiser for Clark's 1988 state senate run--was held at Chatham College professor Frank Lackner's house.

Club board member Barbara Daly Danko noted that, by coincidence, the night before the Clark post went up she and former board member Claire Staples were walking home together from a Chatham (now University) event featuring former Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME). According to Barbara's email:

"We walked to Chatham from Denniston via the cut through off Shady and walked past a house on Shady which Claire pointed out and said Judy Collins was at an event for Jeanne there a long time ago ... to which Krysia Kubiak (who was walking back with us) replied, 'There should be a historic marker on that house!'"

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